Angelo Nicosia

I studied at the University of Catania, where I obtained both my Bachelor (2014) in Industrial Chemistry, working on the synthesis and the characterization of acrylic copolymers able to molecular sensing, and my M.Sc. degree (2017) in Materials Chemistry, with the thesis title: “Spontaneous symmetry breaking in aggregates of porphyrin based polymers: effect of building block structure, physical parameters and chirality induction”.

During the 15 months of M.Sc. internship in the research laboratory, my passion for the scientific research increased; so, I started the doctoral program in Materials Science and Nanotechnology (Dept. of Chemical Science, University of Catania).

My doctoral research is focused on graphene oxide polymeric derivatives for several applications.

From March 2019, I am a guest PhD student at TU/e under the supervision of the Prof. Rint Sijbesma: here, I will continue my research on graphene polymeric derivatives focusing on their applications in the fields of mechanoluminescence and catalysis.

Office: HEO 4.31