Daniel Bouwens

In 2019, I received my Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering at the Eindhoven University of Technology. My Bachelor project was performed in the Inorganic Materials & Catalysis group under supervision of Dr. rer. nat. J.P. (Jan Philipp) Hofmann, where I worked on the production of synthetic ruby: thin films and powders. Subsequently, I started the Mastertrack Molecular Systems and Materials Chemistry. During the first half of 2020, I went to Bergen op Zoom for my industrial internship at Allnex Netherlands BV. The main goal of this research was to explore dual-curing for 2-component polyurethane systems by combining fast-curing and UV-curing. In September 2020, I started my graduation project in the group of Prof. Dr. Rint P. Sijbesma under supervision of Dr. Ir. J.P.A. (Hans) Heuts. Currently, I am working on emulsion polymerization of methacrylate systems. The main aim of this project is the introduction of dynamic covalent cross-links in emulsion polymers.


Office: Helix