Douriya Khedaioui

I graduated from Polytech-Sorbonne engineering school in Paris in 2017 (material’s chemistry specialty). I did a 3-month internship in the group of Vidar Jensen in Norway on computational chemistry. My work is aimed at predicting the thermodynamic stability of various catalysts used for the copolymerization of carbon dioxide with epoxide. I also performed an internship of 6-month in the synthesis of bio-sourced polyamides at Solvay in Saint-Fons, near Lyon in France. I got a PhD in chemistry at the University of Lyon, under the supervision of Damien Montarnal, Franck D’Agosto and Christophe Boisson. I worked on two main projects: 1) the design of polyethylene vitrimers using siloxane bond exchanges and 2) the design of polyethylene aerogels. I am currently working with Rint Sijbesma and Hans Heuts, on the design of new adhesives in collaboration with the Dutch Polymer Institute.

Office: HEO 4.29