Eveline Maassen

In 2012 I started the Master’s programme Chemical Engineering and Chemistry at TU/e from which I graduated in 2014. My graduation project titeled: ‘Synthesis of bisurea-based bolaamphiphiles with charged end groups, Towards strain stiffening supramolecular hydrogels’ was performed in the Supramolecular Polymer Chemistry group under the supervision of Professor Sijbesma and Samaneh Kheyrrooz. In March 2015 I started my PhD research on a different research topic in the same group. My research focuses on the development of polymers for 3D printing; specifically stereolithography. Commonly used UV-curable monomers in stereolithography display fast curing but poor mechanical properties. During the formation of the network stresses are build up in the material resulting in low impact resistance. The main objective of my project is the development of efficient dynamic network chemistry to reduce these stresses. By introducing reversible covalent crosslinks, rearrangement of the network upon applying an external stimulus are enabled. The molecular scale rearrangement results in overall stress relaxation of the material and improved mechanical properties.

Email:  E.E.L.Maassen@tue.nl
Office: HEW 4.32