Soumabrata Majumdar

“In 2016, I got my B.Sc. Degree from Presidency University, Kolkata, India. During the course of my B.Sc. I started working in the field of polymer chemistry under the guidance of Dr. D.P. Chatterjee. My work dealt with controlled radical polymerization and synthesis of stimuli responsive materials. I then moved to Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, India for my M.Sc. Degree. There I worked on designing self-stitched flexible supercapacitor device as part of my Master’s project under the supervision of Prof. C.R. Raj. I received my M.Sc. Degree in 2018. I then joined TU/e for my PhD research in the group of Prof. Rint Sijbesma. Presently I am working on possible new chemistry for Dynamic covalent networks aiming material synthesis for 3D printing with Selective Laser Sintering technique.”

Office: HEO 4.25