Fang Yin

I received my B.Sc. degree from Chang’an University, China (2014). Then I carried out the Master project on the solvation behaviour and polymerization kinetics of fluorinated (meth)acrylates in scCO2, which was supervised by Prof. Zhao-Tie Liu and Dr. Jian-Gang Chen at Shaanxi Normal University, China. In October 2018, I moved to France to start my doctoral study under the supervision of Prof. Nancy Lauth-de Viguerie and Prof. Jean-Daniel Marty at Université Paul Sabatier, where I worked on the synthesis of multi-stimuli (co)polymers and the exploration of their responsive properties in water. Currently, I am working as a postdoctoral researcher in the research group of Prof. Rint Sijbesma at Eindhoven University of Technology, my project is the development of polymer materials for photonic application.


Office: HEO 4.31