Group activities


31st January 2020: Dinner and Disco Skating


5th December 2019: Sinterklaas celebration – dinner, presents and poems

February 2019: Multicultural dinner and games evening

Some delicious foods were prepared: Pasta salad with a Greek twist, Tortilla de patata y empanada, Chocolate mousse, couscous salad and roasted drumsticks, Pão de Queijo, Frikandellen met krieken, Chicken Kasa/Parathha and Tomato Chutney, Spinach pie, Chinese Taco’s, Chinese dumplings and a Dutch Speciality desert: yoghurt with grated apple, raisins, cinnamon and “beschuit”.

Chef in action
Rint’s selfie with the group. Dinner is about to start.
After dinner some games: Werewolves and Jungle Speed.



The 2018 SMO Christmas party.

Every year the whole department of MST (Molecular Science and Technology) has a Christmas party. This year we had a theme: movies. So everyone could dress up as a character from a movie. You could dress up on your own, in pairs or even as a whole group. Group Sijbesma went as Harry Potter cast.

Back row: Dobby, Harry, Gilderoy, Albus. Middle: Hagrid, Cho and Hermione. Front: Minerva, Draco, Luna, Dementor, Ginny and Ron.
Gilderoy Lockhart and Ron Weasley (featuring Scabbers)