Huiyi Zhang

I studied Chemistry at Xiamen University (China) where I obtained her bachelor degree (2011). In 2015, I moved to Eindhoven and studied Chemical Engineering and Chemistry, within the track Molecular Science and Materials Chemistry. For my master project, I investigated isocyanate-free approaches to waterborne polyurethane/urea dispersions for coating applications, in the Physical Chemistry group (SPC, TU/e) under the supervision of Prof. Cor Koning. After a brief industrial internship in DSM Coating Resins (Zwolle), I graduated (with great appreciation) and started the PhD position in the group of Prof. Rint Sijbesma, where I focus on the development of dynamic network for 3D printing. The aim is to improve the sintering process and mechanical properties by employing vitrimer chemistry.

Office: HEO 4.25